“Bar Magic” – Red Sponge Balls – Packs of 4

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“Bar Magic” – Red Sponge Balls – Packs of 4

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Available in 3 different sizes, these Polyfoam Magic Balls are sure to win you some extra tips behind the bar. Give your customers more than just a delicious cocktail… entertain them with a little magic. Sponge Balls are easy to handle and manipulate. Dozens of effects and shows are possible. They can appear, disappear and multiply. These polyfoam balls are these best on the market, for they compress the smallest and hold up best under heavy use. Choose from 3 different size (diameter) options: 1.5”, 2” or 2.5” Be sure to check out the videos listed here for some great “Bar Magic” tricks brought to you by the “Dean of Magic” himself, Dean Serneels. Printed trick demonstrations are also included with each set.

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1.5” Diameter, 2” Diameter, 2.5” Diameter

“Bar Magic” – Red Sponge Balls – Packs of 4

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